Our Company Vision & Mission


If it is possible to accomplish a task or project, this is the right place to come to - in fact, the 'sometimes impossible' is occasionally requested and if Louie Ricci takes on the project, it WILL get done - "whatever it takes!"

Operations can be tailored to meet the customer requirements overnight. In short, Challenges are seen as Opportunities to Overcome. The Companies are firm believers in meeting the needs of the customer and will go out of their way to achieve the desired outcomes - on a timely and cost-efficient basis.


We want to be the forest products producer of choice through efficiency of operations with our principal focus on people, safety and the environment.

Principles Ricci's Trucking and Raleigh Falls Timber live by are:
  • Never compromise safety, integrity or compliance.
  • Cut waste relentlessly – time, materials, processes.
  • Keep the business simple (KISS) – learn from mistakes.
  • Promote Daily Communication - feedback (+ and -) in re-enforcement, recognition, direction.
  • Focus on Results – Results drive Profit, Decisions drive Results, Choices drive the Bottom Line.
  • Troubleshoot Plans – Brainstorm Ideas, Be open to Change, Adapt and Learn.
  • Satisfy the Customer – Adjust to Needs, Quality Assurance.

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