The Future of Ricci Raleigh

Where is the business going?

Considering their modest origins, the Companies have grown tremendously in the ensuing years. Throughout its history, the business has shown versatility, adaptability, integrity and an ability to “ Get The Job Done”. The old adage of “Whatever it Takes” applies wholeheartedly to this business.

The forestry sector of industry in the Northwest has been dwindling for several years. As a result of firm business commitments, working to improve efficiencies and cost competiveness, dedicated staff and experienced employees with strong work ethics, the Ricci businesses have not only survived but thrived. There is no reason to believe the future holds anything but more opportunities for this organization.

What of the FUTURE?

With the dwindling Forest Industry comes the reduced utilization of the forest resources of Ontario. With the goal of strengthening the Forestry Sector, the Government of Ontario has initiated proposals and plans for new ventures. For instance, a pellet manufacturing facility is to be located in Northwest Ontario. This may only be the start of opportunities. Raleigh Falls Timber and Ricci’s Trucking are anxious to become involved in future endeavours and are always on the lookout for promising opportunities.

Other examples of future opportunities might be:

  • Expansion of the Dryden garage and maintenance facilities
  • Diversification of ownership via sale and subcontractor agreements
  • Additional office facilities – in Ignace and Dryden
  • Expansion of Harvest and Processing Capabilities
  • Additional partnerships with License holders
  • Additional Road Construction Contracts
  • Diversification of products
  • Affiliations with New Venture Groups
  • Consultation in Operational Efficiencies
  • Linkages with Lakehead University for Quantitative Analysis of Operations
  • And whatever else it takes to make the business bigger and better!

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